Delicious Coffee, Beautiful Beaches, Portugal…

Few weeks ago I’ve encountered some article about Cascais, beautiful city in Portugal. The place located less than 30km from Lisbon has apparently the nicest beaches of all the Portugal seaside cities.

That’s interesting because most of guidebook miss the city of Cascais and rather focus on places like Lisbon, Atalaia, Sao Pedro, Sao Martino and so on. I became interested in this not so popular city especially regarding it’s amazing beach – Paria do Guincho. Well I decided to do a little investigation and go there! Once I got there I understood what the author of the article had in mind writing the text. Cascais didn’t fail. It turned out to be really magical place! I

t’s a large yacht harbour and it’s surrounded by those super cool beaches including Grinch as I said and Sintra mountains to the north. I was impressed of the incredible cliffs and so much space to surf! The waves in Cascais are the best. Since I am a keen surfer I hat a lot of fun! But this is not only waves that made me so happy hanging out there.

Cascais at a dawn

Cascais at a dawn


I am big fan of coffee, and day with no coffee it’s a lost day to me. I was bothering if the coffee’s gonna be good in Portugal or maybe I should prepare for the worst… But also regarding this the Portugal city didn’t let me down! The Cascais’ coffee is f*cking delicious! Well, after all this is Portugal that has colonised Angola, East Timor and Brazil that are the biggest producers of the finest coffee! Why then Portugal would may have bad coffee?? Please…

What I am sure of is that there is no better value-for-money in whole Europe regarding coffee. What important Portugal is not an expensive place so for such a coffee you’ll pay no more then 0,60EUR. And one more reason why I’m gonna come back to Cascais in the nearest future. Fish. If you are vegetarian shame on you… Because Portugal but especially Cascais is the most fish-friendly place all over the world I guess.

Actually… it’s not so fish-friendly because fishes are eaten there;)) but the prices and the quality of the seafood prepared in local restaurants makes the place the most fish-lovers-friendly place in the world. I’m positive, there’s no better place if you are up for seafood. What else? I could dwell on it but would rather recommend to go there by yourself. The city is really worth visiting and the local beach is unquestionably the most beautiful beach I have ever been.