Lucerne At The End Of Winter

Hello! I’m back with some fresh new straight from Swiss! Indeed I’ve just come back from Lucerne and I want to share with you guys my memories. Lucerne is a tiny, very charming town full of places that each of you should visit. At least one in your life.

I must admit I was kinda scared before I went to Lucerne because I cannot speak Swiss. But as it turned out later, my fears were completely unfounded! All the people in Lucerne (which is located at the heart of Swiss) speak german! Yay! I speak fluently german so I had no problem to communicate. However regarding monuments (because I love watching them) most of such object in Lucerne are sacral objects.

Well, not so many people know that Lucerne is often called Swiss-Catholic town. You may find there a lot of churches, cathedrals and so on. However, I was lucky to be there during the finest events. I arrived to the city at the end of winter. And just then there was happening Fasnacht – their carnival. It’s a cool outdoor party. Nobody’s sitting at home then.

People were dancing on the streets, there were a few parades, Guggenmuskien – carnival bands were playing all days long! Ca you imagine?! This event lasts for a few days and for these few days people celebrate. The Lucerne Carnival starts on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday and on the Wednesday it ends up obviously. What interesting, Lucerne is located in kinda rural region, however the town is an unquestionable cultural centre of the country.

Charming Lucerne at the end of the winter

Charming Lucerne at the end of the winter


Due to that, the city is a venue of many festivals, concerts and that kind of events. One of my favourite tests is Lucerne Cheese Festival. Only then You have opportunity to try all the possible kinds of cheese for free! I’m not kidding. I love cheese. I love all kinds of cheese  an I though I know all kinds of cheese. Until I came to Lucerne. During the festival I saw cheeses that I had no idea they exist! Obviously I must try everything so the next few days I couldn’t look at food at all but now I just can’t wait the next year’f cheese festival.